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April 06, 2021

6 Ways Cosmetic Dental Services Improve Quality of Life

cosmetic dental services

cosmetic dental servicesHave you reached a point in your life where you want to invest in a beautiful and sparkling smile? Many people want to have movie star teeth, so why not get them?

Cosmetic dental services are a large investment. Many people hesitate to take the plunge due to the cost, but rest assured that this is an investment that you won’t regret. We’re here to talk about why cosmetic dentistry has more than enough benefits to justify the cost.

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1. Instant Results

One of the best things about most kinds of cosmetic dentistry is that you get results as soon as the procedure is finished. While some procedures might take multiple sessions, you know that as soon as those sessions are complete, you’ll have that beautiful smile that you’ve been wanting.

This is in stark contrast to many other kinds of dental procedures that aren’t cosmetic in nature.

Every kind of dental work is going to help your smile. General restorative dentistry, preventative dentistry, and orthodontics all work together to give you a whiter and healthier grin, but these things don’t work immediately.

While these things are still important, getting cosmetic dental procedures alongside your standard procedures means that you’ll see results that you walk out the door with.

When you get veneers, for example, you get a white and straight smile without tusingslow-working whitening gels or painful and slow braces.

Instead of waiting months, if not years, to finish orthodontic treatment (especially if you’re an adult), you can get the satisfaction of a straight smile in only a few sessions.

2. Fixing “Problem” Teeth

Sometimes there are teeth that standard dentistry can’t fix. This is normal, and it doesn’t mean that you have poor dental hygiene. It could mean that you have a history of problematic teeth, that you have had a tooth break or crack, or that you’ve needed impacted teeth pulled.

You may also have discolored teeth that won’t whiten via conventional methods or dead teeth that you want to replace.

All of these things can be fixed by cosmetic dentistry. For discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening is a great way to make your teeth sparkle, even when they seem permanently stained.

Broken teeth, or teeth that are misshapen, are a quick fix with dental veneers. You can get dental implants to solve the problem of missing teeth or teeth that need to be removed for the health of your mouth.

3. Veneers Protect Teeth

While these procedures are cosmetic in nature, they also offer health benefits. Did you know that veneers can actually protect your teeth?

As we get older and put our teeth through the wear and tear of our lives, the enamel softens. Our teeth may crack, allowing room for bacteria to get in and thrive.

Veneers aren’t a perfect solution, but they do create a barrier that can help protect your teeth from harm. Veneers cover your natural teeth (rather than replacing them, like dental implants) which can protect them from discoloration and provide some protection from decay (though your teeth are still at risk if you have poor dental hygiene habits).

If you’re worried about your cracked or damaged teeth, veneers are a great solution.

4. A More Balanced Overall Appearance

Your smile impacts your entire face. Do you think that your overall appearance could be improved with a shiny new grin?

Even those of us with features that we like may find that we don’t like our faces because of our smiles. Whether your smile is crooked, crowded, discolored, or full of gaps, these things have a huge impact.

Cosmetic dentistry helps your teeth, of course, but the overall effect extends to the rest of your face.

5. People May Be Drawn to You

Did you know that a beautiful smile might make people find you more trustworthy? It’s true. While this is a bit unfair, many people have an unconscious bias towards people with a wide, straight, and overall pleasant smile.

It’s also true that if you don’t have a smile that you like, you probably aren’t showing it off as much as you could be. Maybe you hide your smile while you laugh, or try to smile with your lips closed as often as possible.

While this doesn’t mean that you’re unfriendly, some people may be under the impression that you’re not as welcoming.

When you finally get that new and improved smile that you’ve been wanting, you’ll be flashing it to everyone who glances your way. You might start winning friends before you know it.

6. You Get a Huge Confidence Boost

The biggest advantage of cosmetic dental services is the huge burst of confidence that your new smile will give you.

This is especially true if you’re someone who’s had severe dental problems in the past. While a somewhat crooked or discolored smile is normal, if you have missing teeth, disfigured teeth, or broken teeth, you may have been struggling with self-acceptance.

When you struggle with your appearance, your mental health and social life can suffer as well. While many people are happy with “imperfect” smiles, if you’re not, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t invest in cosmetic dentistry.

Do You Need Cosmetic Dental Services?

Cosmetic dental services are the best way to get the smile that you want as quickly as possible. In only a few visits, you can have straight, white, and perfect teeth that everyone will be jealous of.

Movie star smiles aren’t just for movie stars anymore. You can have one too with veneers, tooth implants, professional whitening services, or a complete smile makeover.

Are you ready to get the smile of your dreams? We want to help. Request an appointment today so we can discuss your treatment options!