Information You Need to Know About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to restore your smile if you’re dealing with badly stained, discolored, or otherwise unsightly teeth. It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to restore your smile. Your dentist will determine if you … Continued

Get A Cavity Treatment for Kids from Agoura Hills Dental Designs

We offer a cavity treatment for kids that will restore your child’s tooth, even after decay begins to occur. Cavities happen so frequently that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has labeled them a serious infectious disease. Cavities … Continued

What Tooth Crowns Can Do For Your Teeth

Tooth crowns are custom created caps that cover the full tooth. Tooth crowns encompass the tooth all the way from the gum line on up to the chewing surface.  Most people have heard of dental crowns yet plenty are unaware … Continued

What You Need to Do If You Crack a Tooth

After cracking a tooth, you are likely wondering what the cause is and how you can treat it.  Stay calm, collect yourself, pick up the phone and call the dentist. An oral health professional will analyze the cracked tooth to … Continued

What to Do When a Dental Crown Is Loose

You are happily munching on your favorite snack when you notice your dental crown is loose. This situation is enough to send you into a panic, as it signals a problem with your crown or implant.With proper care, a dental … Continued

Dental Glossary to Help At Your Next Visit

If you’ve already scheduled an appointment with your dentist, a dental glossary will help you know your frenum from your gingiva. This glossary will help you understand what your dentist is saying during your appointment so that it is easier … Continued

How an Invisalign Dentist can Beautify Your Smile

Invisalign dentists have helped countless people correct crowded teeth and create lovely-looking smiles. Most people are unhappy with at least one aspect of their smile. Whether it is a chipped tooth, a narrow smile, a misaligned bite or another issue, … Continued

Why Routine Dental Care is Important

Routine dental care is important for every patient, regardless of his or her background, oral health needs and other factors. It is not enough to visit the dentist‘s office every couple of years for a cleaning and examination. Routine is … Continued

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take?

So you want to get a smile makeover and are wondering how much time it takes to complete the process. Good question! You are probably wondering because you are a very busy person and for that reason find it difficult … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Denture Repair Dentist

In need of high-quality denture repair? When your dentures break your top priority is getting them fixed as soon as you possibly can. While you may be tempted to fix your broken dentures yourself, it truly is best to visit … Continued