Reasons to Visit a Denture Repair Dentist

Posted on: December 16, 2017

DenturesIn need of high-quality denture repair? When your dentures break your top priority is getting them fixed as soon as you possibly can. While you may be tempted to fix your broken dentures yourself, it truly is best to visit a dentist who specializes in denture repair. If you do try to fix them yourself there is a good possibility that you could make the problem worse. This includes trying to fix them using an over the counter denture repair kit, as well as your imagination. Many times denture wearers have tried to fix their own dentures only to find out that when they did take them to the dentist for repair, they were now beyond repair.

If your dentures are currently broken, we invite you to contact us so that we can professionally repair your dentures.

Reasons to visit a denture repair dentist

The following are some of the more common reasons for why someone would need to visit a denture repair specialist.

  • They simply do not fit well anymore. Over time many denture wearers experience bone loss, which will make the fit of their dentures change over time.
  • They dropped their dentures. Whether the denture’s fell off the bedside night table or slipped out of one’s mouth, when they are dropped onto a hard surface it is highly likely they are going to be in need in some form of repair.
  • They are wearing down. Certain kinds of foods and drinks, especially when they are acidic, can wear down the dentures over time.
  • One of the teeth broke off. A dentist can often replace a broken tooth.
  • A piece of the pink acrylic fell off. A dentist is often able to fix this issue.
  • The metal clasp on a partial denture broke. A dentist is able to repair the clasp.
  • It is simply time for new dentures. Over time all dentures will experience various degrees of wear and tear, which means that they will eventually need to be replaced.

If the dentures are broken in pieces it is important to make sure that all of the pieces are found so they can all be taken to the dentist for repair.

Dentures in need of repair?

If you currently have broken dentures that are in need of repair so you can continue living your everyday life without issue, please contact us now for advice. We completely understand how difficult it can be for you to be without your dentures. That is why we give special priority to those who may be in need of emergency denture repair services. If you have never been to our dental office before, no need to worry as we are presently accepting new patients. All we ask is that you come in about 15 minutes early in order to fill out some new patient paperwork, and then we can get you into your appointment.

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