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It’s no secret that missing teeth can have a negative effect on the appearance of your smile, teeth functionality and self-confidence. Eliminate the uncomfortable embarrassment of tooth loss with the best lasting permanent solution of dental implants. Regain your beautiful smile and teeth functionality that looks and feels entirely natural. You will be showing it off with complete confidence.

Dental Root Care

Dr. Rahimi has an excellent eye for creating beautiful new smiles with dental implants. He is committed to providing the patient a permanent resolution to tooth loss, damaged teeth and repetitive dental work with skillfully placed dental implants. Traditional dentures and bridges operate like natural teeth but can ultimately be uncomfortable, unreliable and cause jawbone deterioration over time. Whether tooth damage was caused by decay, injury, oral defects, or poor overall oral health; Dental implants are truly the best solution to improve your facial aesthetic, ability to chew, and speak while delivering unparalleled durability and security.  Dental implants are a custom fixed, long-term tooth replacement option that combines an implanted titanium post with an attached restoration to recreate a complete, natural-looking, functional tooth that is fused to the jawbone.

At our Agoura Hills Dental Designs office we ensure that each patient has a plan for treatment that is right for their specific needs. Providing evaluations to discuss your wishes, concerns, procedure expectations and after care. Dr. Rahimi has extensive knowledge and skilled technique to replace not just one, but several missing teeth with dental implants in a three step procedure.

First, the patient is fitted for customized abutment and crown to match the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth to achieve natural looking results, which takes two weeks to fabricate. Patients  may be given a temporary tooth replacement to wear in the meantime. Next, the titanium or zirconium implant is placed into the jawbone to serve as the tooth’s synthetic root system that rivals the strength of natural roots.

Teeth restored with implants can’t get cavities! A replacement tooth, or crown, doesn’t decay like a natural tooth.

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