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Laser dentistry Calabasas is a dental treatment procedure that entails using a laser to remove the affected soft gum tissues within your mouth. With laser dentistry Calabasas, local anesthesia is not opted during the treatment since no pain is set to be incurred by the patient.

Finding the best laser dentist will be quite a hassle if you are not familiar with what it entails. However, here at Dentist Agoura Hills we have a team of professional dentists who have the right education and training of laser dentistry. Our treatment plans are incredibly affordable and you can also be scheduled for great discounts when necessary.

Types of lasers

  • Soft tissue lasers. The soft tissues treated using these lasers may include the gums.
  • Hard tissue lasers. Hard tissues such as the teeth are the ones treatable by these tissues.

Ideal candidature

Persons interested with the following dental processes tend to serve as the ideal candidates for laser dentistry Calabasas:-

  • Teeth whitening

Discolored teeth or those that have yellow stains on them may pose a negative affluence on your overall smile confidence. Your self-esteem will tend to deteriorate due to poor smile conditions and lack of proper speech delivery. However, you should not worry any more as laser dentistry is the right dental care to help you with the teeth whitening procedure.

  • Identifying dental decay and how severe the dental drawback may be.

Laser dentistry is used in teeth crowning procedure where your teeth may require such a prosthesis to restore a pearl white smile.

The procedure

Soft tissue lasers procedure

The lasers used in treating the soft tissues, are diode and carbon dioxide lasers.

The process entails the laser cutting and removing the soft tissues which have been affected. An example of a soft tissue within your mouth is the gum. Troughs near gums are created enhancing proper visibility which allows the Dentist Agoura Hills to access the affected areas easily.

Gum reshaping. The laser therapy is used to reshape the gums for aesthetic purposes such as an esteemed smile and proper alignment of the teeth. The laser is also used to get rid of excess gum tissues in order to release the tight muscle attachment in the mouth. The therapy tends to treat cold sores, periodontitis, gum infections and mouth ulcers.

During the periodontal disease treatment, the laser tends to remove the affected teeth lining hence supporting regeneration of healthier gums. You will not experience any swelling or redness before and after the treatment. However, the healing process may tend to cause teeth discoloration, though in seldom instances.

Hard tissue lasers procedure

The hard tissue laser is used in cutting hard tissues found in the mouth like teeth. The laser tends to remove tooth decay so as to prepare the tooth for the new filling and other dental prosthesis that are set to take place. It is used in preparing the tooth for root canal treatment.

The hard tissue laser is designed to treat hard tissues hence anesthesia may not be necessary during the process. The tooth nerve does not suffer overheating throughout the process.

The processes are quite irreversible and may consume a worthwhile time for them to completely take place.

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