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Cover unsightly, sensitive, or exposed root surfaces to prevent future gum recession. If you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease or unhappy with the appearance of short unsightly teeth. A combination of periodontal procedures by renowned specialists at Agoura Hills Dental Designs can greatly improve the health of your gums.


Delaying regular dental cleanings combined with poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath, loose teeth, pain while chewing, sensitive teeth or teeth that appear longer. If these early signs of gingivitis is left untreated the disease will spread, and the gums will start to recede by pulling away from the tooth. Creating pockets of exposed gum tissue, tooth structure and the root system that is vulnerable to infection, cavities and tooth bone loss.

Once gum disease has set in, there are different procedures we offer at Agoura Hills Dental Designs office to help treat and heal a patient’s gums. Dr. Rahimi provides evaluations to discuss concerns, in-office scaling and root planing procedures, and after care to ensure that each patient has a plan for treatment that is right for their specific needs. The first step in addressing gum disease is to complete a deep thorough cleaning to remove all bacteria and plaque from the gums near the root surface.

Occasionally a patient’s periodontal disease has reached a level where bacteria infected gums have receded so significantly that surgery is necessary to protect the tooth and restore gum tissue.

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