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Do you ever wonder how celebrities get that sparkling white perfectly straight Hollywood smile? Dr. Rahimi is a renowned expert in dental veneers and is dedicated to restore damaged teeth and transform each patient smile.

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Let your discolored, displaced or damaged teeth be a smile of the past with these ultra thin and durable custom porcelain laminates.These durable thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain or ceramic are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth that may be chipped, cracked, gapped, stained, misshaped, or even misaligned to achieve the function and feel of durable natural teeth. Dental veneers are the most versatile treatment designed for long lasting results and are extremely resistant to stains.

At our Agoura Hills Dental Designs office we ensure that each patient has a plan for treatment that is right for their specific needs. Providing evaluations to discuss your wishes, concerns, treatment expectations and after care. Dr. Rahimi has extensive knowledge and skilled technique to apply porcelain or laminate veneers in a painless two-stage process. During the first stage an impression of the natural teeth is taken to create custom veneers in the lab for the most flawless results.

Teeth are then prepared and reshaped as necessary. Temporary veneers are placed to improve smile until permanent veneers are ready in 1-2 weeks. In the second stage, the temporary veneers are removed for the permanent custom veneers to be flawlessly bonded to the surface of your teeth. Dr. Rahimi makes the final cosmetic adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and an instant happy new smile.

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If you want to learn more about dental veneers, we recommend that you call (818) 706-6077 to schedule an appointment. We are known throughout California as a trusted provider of veneers and can let you know if they will help you to achieve the goals that you have for your smile.

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