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ROOT CANAL Agoura Hills


Root canal therapy is often the best option we have for restoring a damaged or infected tooth. This comfortable, advanced procedure allows us to save compromised teeth without extracting them. It can relieve your pain, protect your tooth, and even save your smile.

Tooth canal can relieve your pain

Root canal therapy (also known as endodontic therapy) treats the inside of a tooth and is performed in the comfort of our office, root canal therapy can be used to restore teeth suffering from several different issues. If you have an infection, deep decay in the pulp, a faulty crown, cracks or chips in the tooth, Injury or severe trauma, this is the treatment for you. Dr. Rahimi has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide thorough and effective root canal therapy. The treatment is usually completed in just one or two visits, and due to the use of local anesthetic, it can be a completely comfortable experience for any patient. After the therapy is complete, a custom dental crown will be placed on the tooth for protection as well as a pleasing appearance.

At our Agoura Hills Dental Designs office we ensure that each patient has a plan for treatment that is right for their specific needs. Providing evaluations to discuss your wishes, concerns, treatment expectations and after care. The pulp is the soft connective tissue inside the tooth filled with blood vessels and nerves that helps the tooth grow in the development stage.

During the treatment, your tooth’s pulp will be removed so that we can clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth.  Then, we will fill the tooth with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha, seal the tooth, and add a custom dental crown for protection and aesthetics.

The crown is critically important, because it will prevent the root canal from becoming re-contaminated by bacteria in the mouth, which could cause a new infection. After the treatment, your tooth will be pain-free, look, and function like your other teeth.

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