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December 18, 2020

What Is the Veneers Process? Everything You Need To Know

veneers process

veneers processAre you looking into getting some shiny white teeth? Dental veneers are getting more popular as time goes on and they get more accessible. All you have to do to convince yourself is look at a few veneers before and after pictures to seal in how great these shiny additions to your teeth can look.

But what’s the veneers process? Is it painful or complicated? Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you might think.

We want to show you the ropes so you know what to expect during your next dental appointment, and so you can make an informed decision about your dental health. Keep reading to learn all about porcelain veneers and what the process of getting them looks like.

What’s the Cost of Veneers?

Veneers come in several varieties. You’ll often see porcelain laminate veneers offered by cosmetic dentists.

Porcelain veneers are going to be expensive for several reasons that will become apparent later on, though they are worthwhile. They tend to cost between $950 and $2,500 per tooth.

The cost will vary depending on the dentist, the kind of tooth, and the kind of damage that’s being covered.

Talk to your cosmetic dentist about your wants and needs regarding your teeth and discuss your payment.

The Veneers Process

The process of getting veneers isn’t much more complicated than any other kind of dental procedure. It does take a bit of time, but you’ll end your process with a shiny new set of teeth. You can expect the process to take roughly three weeks, though this varies.

Let’s explain how the timeline for your veneers will look so you’re prepared.

The Consultation and Preliminary Procedure

Many dentists offer free or affordable consultations for cosmetic dentistry. They get to know you and your needs so they can advise which procedure will get you the results that you want.

You may get a brief exam to make sure that your teeth are in good health, and you may be advised to get a cleaning or any necessary fillings before you start getting your veneers. You’ll also get an x-ray.

Teeth Filing and Preparation

After this initial consultation, you’ll make an appointment to start your process.

During that appointment, the dentist will trim and file your teeth down by a half-millimeter to prepare them for placement of the new veneers. This stops the veneers from looking bulky over your teeth and gives the teeth the appropriate shape that you’re looking for.

After your teeth are filed, they’ll be sensitive and vulnerable to damage. Your dentist will give you temporary veneers to protect your teeth and to give you an idea of what the veneers will look like in your mouth.

You don’t want to have to send back your custom veneers, so if you have suggestions on what you want your teeth to look like, this is the time to make them.

The Permenant Placement

When your custom veneers come back, they’ll be ready to affix to your teeth. Your dentist will remove the temporary veneers and check to make sure that the new veneers fit correctly and look the way that you want them to look. If there are any problems, they may send them back (though this will extend your treatment time).

The dentist will give your teeth a good cleaning before fitting the new veneers. Small etchings will be put into the teeth to make a better surface to adhere to.

Then, the dentist attaches veneers to the teeth with a special composite that gets hardened by UV light. This acts as cement to keep the veneers secure for the long-term.

The Follow-Up

Your dentist may schedule a follow-up visit with you to make sure that everything is staying in place and that you’re happy with your new smile.

If there are any problems, make sure to bring them up at this follow-up visit. Remember, your dentist wants you to have the perfect smile that you’ve been dreaming of.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Your veneers are a long-term investment. If you take good care of your teeth, they can last over a decade, sometimes more than 20 years.

Good oral health is just as important with veneers as it is with your natural teeth, though there are some benefits to veneers that make them more resilient and less dependent on standard preventative and restorative care.

Dental veneers are resistant to stains. While some things will stain the teeth if you’re not careful (such as excessive red wine or coffee without brushing), they won’t stain as easily as natural teeth. Make sure to brush often with soft bristles to avoid staining though, as porcelain veneers don’t respond well to teeth-whitening treatments.

Veneers are also more resistant to damage. You always have to be careful with your mouth, but veneers are resistant to cracking and breaking, and they protect your natural teeth.

Because the veneers now take the place of your natural enamel, they will need to be replaced if they “wear out”. That said, you have a long time before that’s an issue.

You get the long-term benefits of a beautiful smile in a matter of weeks. What’s not to love?

Is It Time to Get the Smile You Deserve?

So are you ready to start the veneers process? You deserve a smile that makes you feel happy and confident, so why not get started now?

We love this quick and easy fix to pesky dental problems. You don’t need to go through years of braces or painful removals for a beautiful smile. At Agoura Hills, our dentists are ready to give you some pearly whites.

Request an appointment today so we can discuss your options.